Night School at Wally’s

If you’ve never made it out to #Wallys Jazz Cafe on a Tuesday night in Boston now’s the time.  We’ve had our funk/fusion stepchildren residency there for 14 years and the legacy is significantly deep at this historic club.  Berklee Today features a nice article by Rob Hochschild on the history and longevity of Wally’s – we’re proud to be part of it.  Check out the article HERE

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Boston music history is deep at our beloved @wallysjazzcafe. This historic club has impacted the lives and careers of countless musicians and this article by Rob Hochschild is a peek into the longevity and importance of @wallysjazzcafe. This is our 14th year holdin down Tuesday nights (18 years for #aaron bellamy) and we still pay tribute to all the amazing musicians who came before and paved the way. Probably still playin some of yall’s arrangements too. We also remember what it’s like to have your butt handed to you on a platter when you don’t play it right LOL “Night School at Wally’s” is out now in #Berkleetoday Fall 2018. Long live Wally’s! #nowayIcantageverybodyhere @nikkidrums @deitchadam @makshimach @reallouiscato @liljohnroberts @challymikes @ruslanpiano @davynathan @berkleecollege @lloydpoindexter @poindexterfrank @lennystallworth RIP @lock_street @michael_feingold @akira_da_naka @wainjonze RIP @butterography @markkelley #chrisloftlin @shmeeans @erickrasno @skininger_55 @saxmatic @the_john_notto @johnblackwelljr_yaritza RIP @ronsavage @pogo56 @leefishmusic @ceciliasmith @theangieswan #aaronbellamy @abizzlebellamy @yumahara92 @tyronejchasejr @ericbennybloom @the_john_notto @joecunninghamsax @khrisroyal @jamescaseysax @bt_trombone @suavecitomusic49 @laquinmusic @curtiswarren162441 @tanaka_tatsuya @bigyuki @thenigelhall @saxofogliano @elantrotman @aromancenovel #bostonmusicscene #wallysjazzcafe #theabeez #wallystuesdayfunk Help us continue tagging please!

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